Celebrate Your Independence From Your Health Condition With The Launch Of Cancer-Go

Support Info-Go, the leading provider of health condition event listings, wants cancer patients to know they are not alone and celebrate independence from their condition with the launch of Cancer-Go (http://www.cancer-go.com). Since its launch in 2015, MS-Go (http://www.multiplesclerosis-go.com) has increased the interaction of people with MS by making it easier for them to find support groups, educational presentations and fundraisers where they can interact with people who have the same condition. Now Support Info-Go is doing the same for cancer.

“When you get a medical diagnosis it is common to feel alone. You feel your life is never going to be the same and there is a feeling of helplessness. Our goal is to make it simple for people to connect with others in the same situation,” said Eric Lopkin, President and co-founder of Support Info-Go. “No matter what your condition is, it doesn’t define you. Meeting with people in the same situation helps people live with and overcome their condition. We’ve seen it with MS and now we want to see it with cancer.”

“In the past two and a half years, since the launch of MS-Go, we have not only seen the number of people with MS connecting with each other increase, we have seen the number of events for them increase. More information has changed hands and people with MS have learned from each other about how to handle their condition,” explains Ray Charpentier, co-founder of Support Info-Go and President of MS-Go. “If we can do the same thing for people with cancer the impact can be incredible.”

MS-Go and Cancer-Go are both free for users to find support groups, educational seminars and other events. With calendars for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, people can search for events in their state and find contact information for  the event coordinators to get more information. Additionally, anyone can list their MS and Cancer related events for free.

About Support Info-Go

Support Info-Go publishes web and email based calendars for people with medical conditions. Started in 2015, the company launched MS-Go for people with MS in Connecticut. The company expanded to include national calendars in mid 2015 and is now expanding to include more medical conditions.